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Adrère Amellal, Siwa, Egypt

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Adrère Amellal, in Siwa, Egypt is a place like no other, a mythical desert town built in mud bricks surrounded by a sandstone mountain and with views onto a lake!

Outside the village stands this spectacular desert eco-lodge. There is no electricity, no television, no keys, no sockets or docks to charge your mobile phone. During the day the sun beats the desert and at night hundreds of candles help the moon illuminate this unique place of wild beauty.

The lodge offers 40 guest rooms, all different. Breakfast is served overlooking the lake and lunch in the shades of the palm trees. Dinner is always served in a different place. There isn’t a menu, if any preferences please discuss them in advance. A large pool is available and daily excursions into the desert shall not be missed!

Everything is included in the price (room, food and excursions) but it isn’t a place for technology addicts as it might be difficult for them to live without electricity!

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