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Feria de Abril 2013 coming up!

Next week Seville will host the Feria de Abril a yearly event over 6 days which usually happens 2 weeks after the Holy Week. It started as a cattle fair in the late 1840’s and developed into more or less what it is today around 1950.

The «Feria» becomes a small town inside the city for one week. There are places to eat and sections with rides and games. In the afternoons you can see horses and most of the traditional outfits. At night is time for drinking and dancing until the sun comes up.

The opening ceremony is done at midnight on monday with the «Alumbrao» when the «Puerta» gets all illuminated. Fried fish is served in the «Casetas» as the traditional meal for that night.

There are some public «Casetas» where everyone is welcome but most of them are private and require invitation to get in. A good thing to do is visit the «Feria» during the day to see all the horses and carriages as well as the traditional outfits and take beautiful pictures. Eating is average and quite expensive so you might as well choose to eat in Seville. At night you can plan to visit one of the public «Casetas» unless you get invited to a private one and have a manzanilla or fino dancing Sevillanas and experiencing the celebration. To get to the «Feria» you can rent a carriage although it is quite expensive.

On Sunday at the end of the week the «Feria» closes at midnight with a fireworks display, worth seeing too!

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