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Palacio de Sal, Uyuni, Bolivia

The legend of the Tunupa volcano says that Tunupa was a beautiful lady married with Cuzco. Cuzco is another mountain located east of the salina. Cuzco had an affair with a young lady called Cosuña. Tunupa ran away through the Kachipampa (salina plain) and fell down just where the volcano is now.Thunupa turned this plain into the majestic «salar de Tunupa» which is known today as «el Salar de Uyuni».

The Salar de Uyuni is with 160 km lenght and 135 km width the largest salted area in the world and sits at an altitude of approximately 3’700 meters above sea level. The salt is between 2 and 7 meters thick. During rainy season it becomes a huge mirror. After that when the water dries the surface becomes totally white.

The Hotel Palacio de Sal right there is totally made of salt. It offers 16 guest rooms with all the comfort, private bathroom, hot and cold water, free WI-FI. Everything is made with salt, walls, beds, tables, chairs etc … a unique experience!

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