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Zarafa Camp, Bostwana

Zarafa Camp is an ultra-exclusive camp of 4 tented suites. It is located in the 320’000 acre Selinda Reserve. The spirit behind Zarafa Camp comes from Colin Bell, Dereck and Beverly Joubert who together designed Zarafa to incorporate all the components of that they envisioned as the perfect safari camp. The camp is environmentally sensitive, it runs completely on solar power providing round-the-clock electricity. Construction materials were chosen through environmental audit. Furniture is made from Indonesian mahogany uprooted by the 2004 tsunami. The Land Rovers are powered by cooking oil and the sewage system uses bacteria to do the dirty work. A proof that luxe and sustainable can go hand-in-hand, well done!

Re-opened in June 2008 as Zibadianja Camp and later re-named Zarafa it sits on an island in the floodplains of southern shores of the Zibadianja Lagoon, which is the source of the Savute Channel. Positioned in the extreme eastern side of the Selinda Reserve, its location is in prime wildlife territory. Each tent spreads over 92 square meters and its decorated with the refine taste of the owners wildlife photographers and filmakers Beverly and Dereck Joubert.They are raised up on wooden decking and shaded by a canopy of African ebony and Red ivory trees, each with uninterrupted views.

On safari it is possible to see a tremendous diversity of species, from resident prides of lion to huge herds of elephant and packs of wild dog. It is also home to the angulates, from rare roan to the ubiquitous zebra. Nocturnal wildlife is prolific as well and there are frequent sightings of aardwolf and civet. Exploration by foot, 4 x 4 and pontoon boat!

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