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Juvet Landscape Hotel, Norway

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This is the Juvet Landscape Hotel (Landskapshotell) sitting on the banks of river Valdolla in the western fjords of Norway. The setting will blow you away and so will do the 7 detached guest rooms and their camouflaged wooden structures. The darkened interiors provide seamless widescreen viewing of Norwegian nature. A subterranean wet spa with sun decks is available and meals are served at the original farmhouse.

The hotel is managed by it’s owner, Knut who will be more than happy to assist you with available activities and will do everything possible to make sure you have a wonderful and pleasant stay.

When you ask him how he would like his guests to remember their stay he answers:

«I would love them to have the feeling that this is a fantastic place, that they had been visiting friends and that they had a ver very nice time. And that I am sorry that they had to pay for it».

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