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Amazing Magic Mountain Lodge, Chile

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The UNESCO biosphere reserve of Huilo-Huilo stands in the middle of the Patagonian Andes in the south of Chile. It is a private protected area of 100’000 hectares, all native forest. Unique flora and fauna can be found and so it is crucial for each one of us visiting to respect the natural rhythm of it and its ecosystems.

Inside the reserve there are many accommodation options, but «La Montaña Mágica Lodge» or the «Magic Mountain Lodge» is the most amazing place you will find in South America. It looks like a fairy tale mountain and welcomes adventures seeking travelers and those who are looking for tranquility in a magical setting.

The lodge was man made with local wood and offers 9 cozy superior rooms decorated in warm, natural and pleasant mountain style. You can also choose to stay in one of the 10 rustic log-cabins. The restaurant offers fresh local specialities with great Chilean wines. There are also hot tubs made from natural tree trunks where you can relax and enjoy a great Pisco Sour!

Activities include skiing and snowboarding, rafting, fly fishing, horseback riding, hiking, mountain biking etc … and at the end of the day the always welcomed relaxing bath in the natural hot springs near the Choshuenco volcano.

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