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«Little mountain of gods» in Russia

Known as the «7 strong men» the seven rock formations of the Manpupuner in the Komi Republic of the remote region of the Ural Montains in Russia are a source of myths and fables.

These stone towers are considered one of the Seven Wonders of Russia, Manpupuner means «little mountain of gods» in Mansi Language and even if it is not widely known outside Russia it draws many visitors from across its vast country.

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It is said that these rock formations appeared 300 million years ago. A mountain used to be there and most probably years of erosion from rain, wind, frost and other meteorological phenomena left the seven pillars standing! What’s incredible is not only their size and location (there is nothing else there!!!) but also their astonishing forms and strange distribution, the unusual shapes make them inaccessible to even experiences rock-climbers.

A truly remote and spectacular site to visit if you are brave enough to travel the northern Ural Mountains!

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