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Holy week in Seville

Easter in Seville is very special, since medieval times where the processions were a way to explain the crucifixion to the common people Seville has kept the tradition alive and every Holy week the city’s residents and up to a million visitors line the streets to watch the «pasos» (processions).

Images of Christ and Virgins are carried high above the crowds by the «cofradías» (brotherhoods from Seville’s churches) flanked by a brass band or a choir as well as «Nazarenos» which can look weird as their conical headdresses look like the KKK. For tourists the hordes can leave you seeing very little so better take it easy!

In the mornings you can still enjoy Seville in its usual guise. Enjoy its architecture, a melding of Islamic and Hispanic styles. The Cathedral of Santa Maria, the largest cathedral in the world. The courtyard and bell tower with Moorish roots.

At noon you can wander around the Barrio de Santa Cruz, the old Jewish quarter while the Semana Santa begins again.

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