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Isla Palenque, Panama

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This is a new sustainable private island resort set on a pristine jungle island in the Gulf of Chiriquí. It is part of the low-impact developments Amble Resorts is promoting worldwide, for more information on sustainability of this particular resort please follow this link: Sustainability at Isla Palenque

Isla Palenque is unique for many reasons. The island offers 12 beaches, 400 acres of jungle and only 16 guest rooms (6 estate rooms and 10 tented suites)! Everything is made to truly experience the place through all six senses with many available experiences: guided and self guided explorations, island treks, tide pools, lagoons and mangroves, island-hopping in Gulf of Chiriquí, island-hop to Islas Secas, kayak in Islas Ventanas, Linartes and Iglesias, diving in Islas Secas, sportfishing in the Gulf, seasonal whale watching and more mainland excursions!

The resort also offers two restaurants, spa , beach club and swimming-pool. A butler is available 24 hours to service each room or tented suite and a complimentary Ipad is available for you to use during your stay with the obvious internet connection!

This is what I will describe as the «luxury backpacker experience», once we travelled the world backpacking with a little budget and lots of time. Now we have the budget but very little time and places like Isla Palenque offer all the luxury needed together with the experiences needed too!

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