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Les Cols Pavellons, Olot, Spain

This is an unusual accommodation. Located in the small town of Olot in the Garrotxa National Park, just 2 hours north of Barcelona, this hotel offers 5 guest rooms called Pavellons. All 5 pavilions have been designed for guests to enjoy nature at its best within a 5 star environment.

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After you check in, you are escorted to your glass and steel pavilion, inside you will only see crystal cubes, no bed, no furniture, no telephone, no television only a minibar, a lounging mat and electric blinds on all four walls. The floor is also made of glass and allows you to view the illuminated bare earth underneath. The only sounds you hear are the sounds of water and nature. Dinner at Les Cols is served in a superb 2 Michelin Star restaurant. While you enjoy you dinner, your lounging mat is made up as your bed. Breakfast and a picnic bag are included in the price, you can enjoy your picnic in the surrounding nature at lunch time or in your pavilion at dinner time.

It might be a little disorienting when you get there but your stay at Les Cols Pavellons will quickly become a magical experience.

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