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Romería del Rocío, Andalucía, Spain

The «Romería del Rocío» is Spain’s biggest religious pilgrimage to honor the «Virgen del Rocío». The celebration takes place on the weekend of Pentecost. The Virgin is located in the «Ermita de El Rocío» in the village of the same name, in the Huelva Province.

The «Romería» lasts for a week, there are more than 90 «hermandades» who still travel to «El Rocío» on foot, on horseback or in covered wagons. In the most festive atmosphere participants dress in fine Andalusian costumes, sing, dance, drink, laugh and make their way to «El Rocío». The total number of people in the village can reach one million from the usual two thousand! The climax comes in the early hours of Monday when members of the Almonte «hermandad» take the Virgin out of her sanctuary.

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Big days are Sunday night and Monday of Pentecost, the procession starts with the spectacular «salto de la reja» and ends on Monday afternoon.

Legend says that in the 13th century, a hunter from Almonte village found the effigy in a marshland tree and started to carry her home. But when he stopped for a rest, the Virgin magically returned to the tree. Before long, a chapel was built on the site of the tree and it became a place of pilgrimage. By the 17th century, «hermandades» were forming in nearby towns to make Pentecost pilgrimages to «El Rocío».

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