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«Secret» walk through Lyon’s hidden passageways

Lyon is France third city and gastronomic capital. It is known for its historical and architectural landmarks. The peninsula girded by the Rhône and the Saône is home of beautiful boutiques and amazing restaurants as well as galleries, museums and you name it!

But what is really nice about Lyon and quite unique is to walk through its hidden passageways called «traboule», alleys and courtyards.

Traboule Lyon
Traboule Lyon

Here is an itinerary you could follow or you can visit the city’s Tourism office for more itineraries or do-it-yourself guided tours.

1. Starting on the street along the river behind the cathedral, go downstream and enter the #19, Quai Fulchiron

2. Take the small street that opens on St Georges. At #48, go up the Montée des Épies

3. Then turning into rue Armand Calliat and Montée du Gourguillon. Go up to the park at #48 of Montée du Chemin Neuf, there is a nice view of the city

Lyon view
Lyon view

4. Going down Chemin Neuf, leave the waterfalls on your left after the Youth Hostel to reach rue du Boeuf. On your left will be Montée des Chazeaux (at #36), and while climbing the 251 steps turn back and have a look at the view.

5. Walk down along Montée St Barthélémy, past the restaurant Villa Florentine (a very good restaurant) and montée du Garillon, which will take you back down to Place du Petit Collège where you can enjoy the Gadagne Museum

6. Follow rue Juiverie with the ruelle Punaise, which actually was an open-air sewer in the middle-ages, at #18 and Maison Bullioud at #8.

7. From St Paul station go back to the old St Jean through rues Laineries and St Jean. #17 rue des 3 mariés takes you to 20 quai Romain Rolland and #11 takes you to #3 Place du Gouvernement (facing #12, St Jean). On St Jean street try pushing all the doors you see, particularly #22 and #24. The latter takes you to #1 rue du Boeuf. At the corner of the rue de la Bombarde, have a look at the House of Lawyers across #13.

8. Entering # 68 St Jean you will arrive at #3, rue des Antonins, a stone throw away from the Cathedral. Go to the nearby café on the left side of St Jean Street or walk around the church and rest a bit in the archeological garden. Cross the river back to place Bellecour using the pedestrian bridge accross from the courthouse.

This tour should take you between 1,5 and 2 hours.

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