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Snowflake shape floating hotel to open end of 2016 in Norway, amazing!

Today, we have all become more environmentally conscious. A lot of Architects and development firms have made this a priority in their work. The architect Koen Olthuis together with the Dutch Docklands firm have come up with this project to build a hotel that will eventually minimize its impact on the environment. The snowflake shape floating hotel will have 3 major advantages, «completely removable» it will leave no trace in the environment, «floating» will allow it to be located nearly anywhere in water, «window walls» will offer the best views of the surrounding nature.

Floating 5 star Krystall Hotel
Floating 5 star Krystall Hotel

The Krystall Hotel is scheduled to open end of 2016. Located off-shore the beautiful touristic town of Tromso in the Arctic Circle it will offer its guests a unique location to spot the northern lights. The hotel will offer 86 luxurious guest-rooms, a spa and conference center. For more information please visit: and if you need to rent a car anywhere in the world feel free to visit our website or contact us to get our latest offers.

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