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The smallest car in the world?

The Pell P50 is officially the smallest car in the world and it holds a Guinness Record too. It was created in England in the Isle of Man by Cyril Canell and Heny Kissack. They both thought of designing a small car that could transport only one person. The car was launched in 1962 aiming to be the best car to go to the supermarket or driving in the city.


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The Peel P50 measured only 1.34 meters long and 0.99 meters wide. It could reach 64 km/h with only 4.5 CV, 59 kg and 3 wheels! Another peculiarity was that it could only move forward not backwards so they installed a small handle at the back so the driver could use it to park the car or move it backwards.

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This car was really unique but he didn’t collect much success so only 100 units were produced between 1962 and 1965, recently Peel produced another 50 units of a limited edition with different electric motor versions so if you like it you might be able to get one!

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