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Trakdot luggage tracker!

Now that’s a really cool gadget! Can’t wait for April 2013 to buy one!

Last year in the United States, 26 million luggage were lost and some never got back to their owners! A small start-up company based in Los Angeles has created a gadget to solve this problem.

If you are frequent flyer or even if you are not, I am sure it can be of interest to you.

Trakdot is a small rectangular piece you can put inside any luggage. This device will track the position of the luggage at any time and notify you when it has reached his destination or if it hasn’t. Notifications can be received by SMS to any mobile phone (old or new) or through «Apps» for Android and Iphone. Also you can check on the internet the actual position on a map at any time!

It will cost 49.99 $ plus 8.99 $ activation fee and 12.99 $ annual service fee.

Not bad!

All the details here: trakdot

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