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Where can I park my car at Madrid Barajas Airport?

We recommend Blue Cat Parking

This is a low cost parking facility located close to the airport of Madrid Barajas.

Bookings can be made online or by phone and you can choose to park your car in an indoor car park or outdoor. To drop your car, you can drive to the parking facility, a driver will take you to the airport with a mini van or have one of the drivers collect your car directly at the terminal, same thing when you come back.

While your car is well looked after they also offer different services like inside and/or outside car cleaning, service the car etc …

For more information please visit: bluecatparkingmadrid and they also service Málaga Airport: bluecatparkingmalaga.

If you prefer to rent a car check our latest offers here:, we offer rental cars in many locations worldwide at very competitive prices.

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