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Gymage Lounge Resort, Madrid

Gymage Summer Roof Top Terrace

Photos Source: Gymage

Last week I was in Madrid and visited this wonderful place for the first time. Located in the center of Madrid, very close to Calle Gran Vía in the vibrant Malasaña quarter it offers a fitness center, lounge bar area, restaurant and roof top terrace.

Amazing views, great food and drinks, modern design, comfortable seats, affordable prices and friendly service might be the reason why it is gaining so much success among locals and off the beaten track Madrid’s visitors.

We had lunch in the restaurant and I was amazed with the quality and presentation of the food & drinks, I had the Sea Bass Ceviche which was very nice for only 8,50 €, Salads for 7 €, Fresh Fruit Juices and Smoothies, Burgers etc … a great selection of dishes, well presented and served in beautiful settings with a smile. What else?

The terrace offers a large lounge area and a bar, amazing views and contrast between the old buildings surrounding and this white and green modern roof top terrace!

Uncovered all summer it has just been covered up for the winter season.

Cuarto Interior the Madrid based Architecture and Design studio in charge of this project have come up with another unique idea to make sure even covered guests will still enjoy the stunning views of the roof top terrace and the project will even gain in design! Stunning!

Gymage covered day

Enjoy the pictures and visit Gymage website for more information. If while in Madrid or anywhere else in the world you need to rent a car check our latest offers on or contact us, it will be our pleasure to assist you.

Gymage Winter Roof Top Terrace

Gymage winter terrace night

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