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U Hostels, Madrid

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Madrid offers many different types of accommodations but until very recently, there were no design hostels offering the comfort and design of a great hotel but at a hostel’s price. Today things have changed and we are very pleased to present you a new generation of design hostels like: U Hostels.

U Hostels Madrid is located in Calle Lagasca, in the center of the city, very close to all the famous sights, museums and tourist attractions. It occupies a Palace from the XIX century and offers great comfort and design.

They offer private and share guest-rooms, free WiFi and a small breakfast, towels cost 2€ each and to up-grade to full breakfast they only charge 3€ more. Other services are available at an extra cost. Laundry, luggage storage, bike rentals, cooking, flamenco classes and much more.

Common areas allow guests to mingle, give more space for those sharing their rooms and are the perfect place to meet new people.

For more information and bookings please visit: U Hostels and if you wish to rent a car while in Madrid or anywhere else in the world, visit our website to get all the latest offers and locations:

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