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Perivolas, Oia-Santorini

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Santorini might be the most impressive of all the Greek islands, legend says it was formed entirely from volcanic rock as a result of the massive Minoan eruption of 1645 BC which destroyed the lost city of Atlantis. Whether true or not, Santorini is special and makes you connect to Mother Earth!

Perivolas is perched high on the hills of Santorini, above the Aegean Sea. It is a restored group of 300 year old caves, once the homes, wineries and stables of fishermen and farmers. The hotel offers 19 private caves all with whitewashed walls, with no hard edges. Each cave has a well-stocked minibar and views over the caldera. Sunloungers on the terrace invite you to relax and enjoy the views.

The complex offers a central stone terrace with an infinity pool that flows over the edge of the cliff into an Aegean horizon, stunning! The restaurant offers mediterranean cuisine only for guests and a Bar, Spa, Hammam, Sauna and full gym are also available.

Perivolas is also 14’000 square meters of vineyards, wild fig trees and abundant flora.

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