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Saturnia beautiful hot springs, Tuscany

These are Italy’s best known hot springs. They are located in the wild Maremma area of southern Tuscany, about one hour south of Siena. The rock pools are surrounded by beautiful landscapes with olive groves, rows of vines and acres of wheat fields.

The name comes from a legend, it is said that Saturn, the Roman god of harvest lost his temper with war-hungry men and sent a lightning bolt that split the earth. Hot sulphuric water flowed from the rift over the people, calming them down.

The water is about 37ºC with sulphur, calcium and carbon minerals. When it gets too hot, you can dip into the cooler Albegna river alongside. The water falls in a succession of cascades into the rock pools, so beautiful and so good for the body (skin conditions and aching joints).

To get there is quite easy, not too far from the town’s main spa and there is an area to park your car and change before going down the springs.

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