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Where is the smallest restaurant?

Have you ever thought of where the smallest restaurant could be located and what it will look like?

We have just found one that could be the smallest restaurant in the world, not in size but smallest because they only have one table and serve dinner for two guests at a time, how romantic is that?

«Solo per due» is located in Vacone (60 km north of Rome), an area rich in fresh produce like virgin olive oil, sheep’s cheese, wild mushrooms, wild berries, homemade pastas and breads, exquisite meat and local cakes. Menus are entirely based on the use of fresh seasonal ingredients and cooked with traditional Italian recipes.

The 19th century building is near the remains of a Roman villa identified as the country villa belonging to the Latin poet Horace. The house offers incredible mosaic floors and you can visit the nearby Bandusia Fountain close to the ruins to which Horace dedicated one of his most celebrated poems.

The restaurant is surrounded by a garden home of a beautiful collection of palm trees from all over the world. In summer guests can relax in the shade of a vine and enjoy views across the valley and in winter they can settle in front of a warm log fire. When your meal is ready, lights go down and you can enjoy great food, privacy and discreet service.

If you wish to book the table please visit: Solo per due and if you need to rent a car, you can check our latest offers and locations worldwide visiting Auto Turistica.

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