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Sleep 4’000 meters above sea level!

This has been for many years the last stop before the final climb to the summit of Mont Blanc for many climbers. An outdated 1960’s building, without any comfort or care for the precious environment.

Just a 100 meters away is the new egg-shaped structure designed by the Swiss architect Hervé Dessimoz. The lodge offers 120 beds with modern comfort, more privacy and it is completely environmental friendly.

Building the lodge above 3’800 meters was a true challenge and workers were facing constant danger. That is one of the reasons it took more than 3 years to build.

The lodge is self-sufficient for energy and water, the egg-shape points into the prevailing wind causing turbulence, which makes the snow slide across the outer skin and accumulate on a grid. Heat from solar panels melt the snow, which collects in huge tanks. This gives the installation 16 days to operate without fresh snow. If there isn’t enough sunlight a generator running on rapeseed oil will produce the electricity needed. Only the kitchen uses gas. Toilets are also environmentally friendly following the vacuum-suction principle used in aircrafts and a little sewage farm to process organic waste. Other waste is heliported down the valley for final disposal. And when it comes to isolation, temperature indoors ranges from 18ºC to 22ºC with triple glazing, dual-flow ventilation and wood-fibre panels.

This is great news for the 17’000 climbers trying to reach the summit each year. They will now have a much better place to rest and sleep. For more information and bookings please refer to: Refuge du Goûter

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