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Baikal lake, Siberia

This is an amazingly beautiful lake located in the South-Eastern part of Siberia. It is the deepest freshwater lake on earth and the largest reservoir of fresh surface water. It was added to the World Heritage list by UNESCO in 1996.

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«Baikal» originally means «wealthy lake» and it is exactly what it is as it contains 20% of the world surface freshwater, it is so huge that locals call it «sea»and it is considered to become a future ocean as it is rapidly growing, around 2 cm per year!

Baikal Lake has always been an important holy place in Asia, you can still find unique carvings and parts of the ritual buildings of the tribes from thousands of years ago. There are numerous reasons to visit the lake and experience the way of life over there, fresh air, pure water, rocky mountains, beautiful forests and Asian Buryat with their holy attitude to nature as well as Siberian Russian cultures. Many activities are available on site, trekking, biking, camping, kayaking, fishing and many more.

The water there is so clean you can drink it right from the lake! A unique micro organism cleans the 50 meters deep slice of water surface and makes these waters the cleanest of earth.

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Winter on Lake Baikal. Photograph: Olivier Renck/Getty

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