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Heaven Gate Mountain

This is how they call the Tianmen Mountain in China, why?

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Because it truly looks like an open door to heaven. Located in the Zhangjiajie city, the mountain is just 7 kilometers away and measures up to 131 meters high and 60 meters deep. It is a natural formation shaped like a door. It is believed to have formed when an old cliff collapsed and Chinese people believe it is unique and the «Closest Earth Landmark to God».

Tourists prefer to take a taxi or drive to the mountains, adventurers choose hiking but a cable car facility is available too. In July 1992, the Heaven Gate Mountain was established as a national park and a potential tourist attraction. To facilitate the tourism aspect, the Chinese government built the 7455 meter cable car so that the tourists could marvel the beauty of the mountain, it is the longest cable car in the world.

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This mountain is is a major place of workship for the Chinese, at the top you can find a 500 years old temple called Tien Men Shan Temple.

Temperature is around 10 degrees centigrade most of the year. The Heaven Gate Mountain is 80 percent vegetation with an amazingly rich fauna and flora. Many medicinal plants also grow in its terrain.

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